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Are you a Pioneer, a Champion, or an Influencer?

Knowing the natural role you play in building diverse and inclusive environments, and knowing how to guide others in discovering their natural role, is ESSENTIAL to bring about lasting change in the workplace and world. Knowing this core information is what sets apart this Diversity & Inclusion training - "Another Seat at the Table" - from any others in the market place.

Making Room For Another Seat at the Table

Why are diversity and inclusion important for every organization, company, and team across the country and even across the world?

In addition to the obvious moral importance, a lack of diversity across organizations of all sizes has created a $1 trillion gap for businesses in America ($3.7 trillion globally). The opportunity to improve the culture AND bottom line for proactive companies is undeniable.

Let's be clear...diversity is a necessity for every brand and organization that wants to become profitable, remain relevant, and lead their market in the future.


We can help you create an OPEN, SAFE and INCLUSIVE environment. Diversity & Inclusion means allowing others to have a seat at the table.

We offer two programs to open up the conversation and begin the process of change for your entire team, and consequently for your business in a really positive way.

  • Lunch n Learn - One hour awareness of "Why Diversity and Inclusion is Important"

  • Comprehensive Learning Program - Four (4) hour learning program includes eight modules covering - Transformational Change Within an Organization, Unpacking Common Stereotypes, The Art of Communication, It takes a Team, Together we Win and more....

Don't wait - This comprehensive program is the DIFFERENCE-MAKER in helping your team thrive in the process of building greater diversity and inclusion. CALL US TODAY at (301) 359-1477 or click the "Contact Us" button below.

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